What Will My Piano Move Cost?


How much does piano moving cost? How long do you have to hire movers and how long will it take to move your piano? Many piano moving companies quote one-way charges which are the least expensive because they don't include storage costs. Local movers may charge from ten to twenty one dollars per hour and charge a round trip mileage for the same price. International moving piano may charge from ten to forty eight dollars per hour and may require that you provide them with a freight bill to give them an exact estimate of what your shipment will cost.

How long do you have to move your piano? Local piano movers will usually advise you to move the piano within twelve to twenty four inches of the ground, but many piano moving companies will allow you to do up to fifty six inches. Long distance mover prices range from fifty to two hundred dollars. International moving companies charge from ten to forty eight dollars per hour. Longer distances generally require two movers to move your piano board safely and securely at the same time.

Is piano moving safe? The only way to be absolutely sure of safety is never to move a piano by yourself. Even if you are insured, moving a grand piano or any kind of upright piano without expert assistance is almost always a bad idea. Lifting and moving a heavy upright piano board by yourself without proper training is almost always dangerous. A good moving company will move your grand pianos by lifting them slowly and carefully and using professional equipment that will keep the piano board from getting damaged.  Read more about movers austin.

Is piano moving something that you want to do yourself or are you going to hire a professional? If you are a true piano lover, you are probably thinking that there is no reason to pay someone else to do the job. That may be true for the occasional move of a chair or dresser but probably isn't true for more important large and weighty pieces such as grand pianos. Grand pianos are often an item that is worth quite a bit of money and taking it to another home without ensuring that it will be protected properly is simply not worth it. Professionals who have been trained in handling this kind of heavy equipment are the best people to move it.

How much piano moving costs? This can vary widely depending on how far away the piano is that you are moving to. The cost will also depend on the local move company that you choose. Local moves are usually cheaper than national moves when it comes to costs, but you have to make sure that the local move company has a good reputation and does not have a history of damaging furniture.

What other services can the moving company offer? Depending on how large the moveable object is there could be additional services that the company that is moving your upright piano will offer. If the move is going to be from state to state then it might be a wise idea to inquire about insurance. It is always better to be safe than sorry especially if your piano is very valuable. A good moving company should have this kind of insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents during the move. Check out here austin movers.

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